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Clearing's Medical Advisory Board

A network of highly trained Neurologists, Anesthesiologists, Psychiatrists and Orthopedic Surgeons who specialize in treating pain.

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Guided By Experts

How we work with our advisors

When you’re treated by a clinician at Clearing, you also gain access to an entire team of America’s leading physicians who have expertly designed every detail of your treatment plan.

Fine Tuning Treatment

They review our clinical protocols to make sure clinicians at Clearing provide top-notch, comprehensive care.

Medical Innovation

Our advisors tune us in to what’s next, from new conditions to the latest scientific breakthroughs in pain relief.

Thought Leadership

They partner with clinicians at Clearing on best practices for everything from behavioral habits to psychological impact.

Recommended by America’s top pain management doctors

Hospital for Special Surgery
Dr. Bryan Kelly
Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Beth Frates
Director, Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Dr. Steven Cohen
Chief, Pain Medicine Division
Hospital for Special Surgery
Dr. Seth Waldman
Director, Pain Medicine Division
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Dr. Marketa Wills
Chief Medical Officer
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Pete Asnis
Director, Sports Medicine Division